Our Fees

Buying more time could not be easier or clearer. After we’ve met, discussed your requirements and have a better understanding of your business, the number of hours per month we feel you require will be confirmed.


Through experience we will be able to estimate how many hours you will need each month in order to support you and your business.

After an initial phone call; we like to organise a face to face meeting. It is imperative for us both to meet face to face, this can also take place via video call.

Given the current circumstances all contact will be made via telephone and / or video call.

The meeting will allow you to tell us about your day to day, discuss your goals and review any other larger projects that might be on the horizon. Having a better insight of your business enables us both to identify what is taking up too much of your time and what solutions we can provide. With this knowledge we can estimate how many hours per month with be required.

We have very high standards when it comes to our work, which is why our clients can rely on us to get the job done and trust we will do it well.


SO. has more than paid for itself in a very short time. I've been able to increase my prices more easily; it is much easier for a third party to say my services now cost a lot more than they used to than it would be for me - and most clients have been fine with it. Using SO has not only made my life easier and my work better organised, it has made me look better and more professional in front of my clients.

Guy Clapperton

Clapperton Media Associates

12 hours

£ 40

Per Hour
  • Personal Admin service included
  • Terminate at any time
  • £480+ per month

20 hours+

£ 37

Per Hour
  • Personal Admin service included
  • 1 months’ notice required
  •  £740+ per month

30 hours+

£ 35

Per Hour
  • Personal Admin service included
  • 2 months’ notice required
  •  £1050+ per month

Should you consistently use more or less than the hours estimated, your contract will be reviewed accordingly. The minimum purchase per month is 12 hours. Additional hours will be charged at £40 per hour. Terms and conditions apply.