Our founder - Lindsay Simons

When SO. was established in 2009 it was with just one client. Through hard work and determination, Lindsay saw her client list grow based purely on recommendations.


Lindsay’s entire career has revolved around PA and office manager positions. Her very first role was as a PA to the Sales Director in an established Travel Company. Her career progressed in this area of work and saw her act as a PA within other large organisations before finally taking the leap in running her own virtual PA business.

“I always wanted to run my own business. I knew I was good at what I do and I wanted to find a way of incorporating this into a business. The skills I had built through first-hand experience enabled me to set up SO. Running my own business has allowed me to do what I love but within many different industries – this keeps things very interesting and I’m constantly learning new things all the time!”

Over the years, Lindsay has built SO. a reputation as a seamless PA service. Consistently delivering quality administrative support to businesses and busy people.

“My client list grew by recommendation and we have provided support in a number of different business from advertising/digital agencies to medical organisations, start-up’s and individual professionals.”

Lindsay believes communication is essential in building a great working relationship.

“I enjoy getting to know my clients, it is one of the aspects of the role I thrive on. Plus, it ensures I think of, implement or action something before my client has even thought of it! Having a level of understanding ensures the partnership between client and PA is successful and dare I say it, fun!”

SO.’s success is put down to the fact Lindsay believes in finding solutions and taking action efficiently and effectively. This optimistic, can-do approach is a quality which makes the virtual pa service provided by SO. so successful for their clients.

“I love what I do. I love seeing my clients succeed. It’s a great feeling when you’ve played a small part in helping them achieve their goals. I’m constantly inspired by the ambitious people I work with.”


SO is trustworthy, dependable and equally importantly a load of fun to work with.

Guy Clapperton

Clapperton Media Associates